Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Unlike others we don't hide our terms and conditions, we take an upfront approach so you know what the expect from our services. If however the information you require isn't here, then please do not hesitate to contact us where a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Our Eco Trak S7 & Eco Trak S5 are both Thatcham approved and they are avalible for installation nationwide. These comply with the latest insurance requirements meaning if your insurance have asked for a tracking product to be installed Eco Trak is the perfect choice.

The simple answer is ask your insurance, they will be able to advise what tracker S7 or S5 will be best for your insurance policy. If your simply looking for the best solution we would recommend the Eco Trak S5 this features ADR tags. If the vehicle is driven without a tag the secure control centre will call you, this means the quickest vehicle recovery possible.

Thatcham S7 is the entry level into the stolen vehicle recovery market, it relies on the owner to manually phone the secure control centre and report the vehicle as stolen. Thatcham S5 is the leader in stolen vehicle protection, it uses a secure ADR tag which is located on the vehicles keys to disarm the tracker everytime you drive the vehicle. If a thief drives the vehicle away with an S5 system WITHOUT the ADR tag the secure control centre will call you.

Yes, every tracking product we offer has a subscription charge. This pays for the Data, Server, Sim and secure monitoring of your vehicle. All the products we offer come with 12 months subscription included, meaning you don't have to worry about subscriptions or setting the device up during the first year of ownership.

Due to factors beyond our control there is NO cooling off period with subscriptions. This means once paid for this subscription can't be refunded during the 12 month period. This is due to our service providers having a minimum of 12 months contract for each vehicle.

You can sell your vehicle with an Eco Trak product, however the subscription can't be transfered to the new owner. As such they will need to buy a new subscription.

Once the device has been installed and the engineer has commisioned it. We will send over the following within 24 hours ( Mon - Fri ), Login for Apple & Android Mobile app, a full website portal login and most importantly the Thatcham approved PDF certifcate.

We offer a full 12 month warranty on all our products supplied by Eco Trak.

We have a selection of engineers across the UK that work on a mobile basis and also workshops that install our product to a high standard. Simply email us with your location and an engineer will contact you.

NO, we only sell to the trade, this protects engineers from fighting pricing against the manufacturer. As such our products are only avaiable from our dealer network.

Many Tracking providers have been using 2G trackers for far to long, these are cheaper to manufacture. However there are major problems when the vehicle travels into Europe, Europe have now started turning off 2G mobile networks in 2023 and as such the tracker would stop working in these areas. Eco trak LTD only provide trackers that work on 4G, this means are trackers will work in Europe with no issue.

We have a high sucess rate in recovering vehicles, however no tracking brand / manufacturer will guarantee recovery. This is due to external factors out of our control such as police being avaiable to recover the vehicle quickly. Vehicle recovery is always about speed in recovery as such we always recommend the Eco Trak S5. As with anything vehicle security related always take a multi layered approach such as steering locks, additional immobilisers alongside our Tracking system.

Our product is designed for 12-24 volt vehicles as such it can be fitted to cars, vans, motorhomes and HGV.

We use the most advanced 4G Tracking systems avaliable along with an amazing data system which allows the tracker to ( ping ) its true location every 10 seconds. This means if your watching the vehicle driving on our tracking portal it is almost in real time. As such our fleet tracking product is perfect for owners wanting to instantly know where there asset is located.

You can simply log into our tracking portal and download the last 90 days of every route the vehicle has taken. These reports are completely confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone else.