The UK's Most Advanced Thatcham Approved Tracking System...


GPS Tracking

Giving you the ability to track the precise location of your assets such as cars, vans, motorhomes in real-time. This is crucial for security, and most importantly meeting the Thatcham requirements. With our stolen vehicle recovery team we can track your vehicle and aid a fast recovery.



Eco Trak is the most simple and effective system of setting up a virtual ring fence around your vehicle, this means if your asset was to exit this zone you will be alerted via a push notification. This can be used on our fleet product ( Eco Trak Fleet ) to make sure your drivers stay in a certain area.


24 / 7 Monitoring

We have a team of trained stolen vehicle recovery specialists on hand if your vehicle is stolen. They will liaise directly with the traffic police to recover your pride and joy as quickly as possible. Our trackers monitor your vehicle such as tampering and tow away attempts 24 / 7 meaning we are always providing you the best security for your asset.


History Reports

We save the tracking history of your vehicle in our secure server meaning you can revisit the previous routes you have taken within the last 90 days. Reports for certain dates can be downloaded in seconds making sure your fleet has the best information to hand at all times.


Customer Care

With over 40 years of experience in the Stolen vehicle recovery market, you can rest assured your asset is in safe hands with us. Remember we are tracking your vehicle 24 / 7 for complete piece of mind. We have accreditted engineers across the UK which can fit our Thatcham approved and fleet systems.


Recognised By Thatcham

Our Stolen Vehicle S7 & S5 Systems have been tested to extreme standards and most importantly been tested against attack. Our systems are tri roaming meaning they will always lock onto the strongest signal. Advanced data transfer means ultra fast tracking with pin point accurate locations.

The Trusted partner in GPS tracking solutions

We understand the importance of staying connected to what matters to you most. Whether it's keeping a vigilant eye on your vehicle or simply trying to track your fleet of vehicles.

Our cutting-edge real time GPS technology offers precision tracking down to a pin point location. Eco Trak's platform offers an excellent user interface meaning it is extremely simple to keep an eye on your asset.

Secure and affordable solutions is the main focus of our business model meaning we take great pride in looking after your asset. With easy to buy subscriptions you can be online and secured in seconds.




Really good service. The mobile app is absolutely fantastic for knowing exactly were my vehicle is. The Eco Trak team guided me on setting up a geo fence.


This company went above and beyond my expectations. From the beginning they provided support and expertise as to the best security product for my Range Rover.


We use this company for our fleet of vehicles and by far its better than the rest. Reports are printed off in seconds and the routes are extremely detailed.



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