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Welcome to the Future of Fleet Management. Eco Trak Fleet is Your Gateway to Precision and Efficiency!

In today's fast-paced world, businesses depend on efficient fleet management to stay ahead of the curve. The key to optimizing your fleet's performance, ensuring safety, and reducing operational costs lies in our cutting-edge GPS Fleet Tracking System.

Imagine having real-time visibility into the whereabouts of your entire fleet, knowing precisely where each vehicle is, how it's performing, and how to make informed decisions on the fly. That's the power our GPS Fleet Tracking System brings to your fingertips.

With a rich array of features designed to streamline your operations, enhance productivity, and elevate the safety of your drivers, our solution is the ultimate companion for modern businesses. Whether you manage a small delivery fleet or a large logistics operation, our GPS Fleet Tracking System empowers you to take control, cut waste, and drive your business towards unprecedented success.

Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the endless possibilities our system offers, and discover how it can revolutionize the way you manage your fleet. It's time to embrace precision, optimize efficiency, and unlock the future of fleet management with our GPS Fleet Tracking System. Welcome aboard!

Subscription is included for the first 12 months.

Renewal Subscription cost is £99 Per year / per vehicle.

Once you purchase this system you own the device outright! no contracts or leasing. Just simply pay for another 12 months when your subscription expires.


Key Features which are unique to our Fleet tracking system.

Internal battery back up

4G super fast connection

live updates every 7 seconds

Detailed map tracking

Track your vehicle 24 / 7

Geo-Fence ( set up an alert area )

Ignition on and off 

Reports for 90 days

Easily print of reports for each vehicle via PDF


Why choose Eco Trak for your Fleet management requirements?

* Boost business productivity and validate staff hours

* Improve driving styles with in-depth reports

* Know when drivers enter or leave defined zones

* Customise location data and get email alerts

What Is Thatcham?

You might be asking who are Thatcham and what are the reasons behind Thatcham tested security products?

Thatcham Research, an independent entity renowned in the security industry, stands at the forefront of automotive safety and security research. Established over five decades ago, this institution has carved a niche for itself through its rigorous testing methods, development of security standards, and influential research. The significance of Thatcham's contributions cannot be overstated, as they have shaped industry practices, influenced vehicle manufacturing, and guided consumer choices. This article delves into the remarkable journey of Thatcham Research, highlighting its key achievements and the profound impact it continues to have on the evolving landscape of vehicle security.

In the realm of vehicle security, Thatcham Research's endorsement of stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) trackers has become a gold standard. These trackers, often utilizing advanced GPS technology, offer a significant layer of protection against vehicle theft. GPS-based SVR trackers provide real-time location tracking, allowing for swift recovery actions in the event of theft.

Thatcham-approved trackers are distinguished by their rigorous adherence to high security and performance standards. They are tested for their resilience against jamming, their ability to remain concealed, and their effectiveness in various theft scenarios. The endorsement by Thatcham signifies that these devices meet the stringent requirements needed to combat modern vehicle theft techniques.

The importance of installing a Thatcham-approved SVR tracker extends beyond mere vehicle recovery. It often translates into insurance benefits, as many insurers recognise the added security these trackers provide. Moreover, the presence of such a device can be a strong deterrent to potential thieves. Given the sophistication of contemporary vehicle theft methods, where thieves often utilize technology to bypass traditional security systems such as key cloning and scanning, the advanced GPS tracking capabilities of Thatcham-approved SVR trackers offer a critical line of defence.

Thatcham's comprehensive approach to testing reflects Thatcham's dedication to setting high industry standards. By continuously updating its testing criteria to align with evolving theft techniques and technological advancements, Thatcham ensures that only the most effective and reliable security products receive its approval. This rigorous testing instills confidence among consumers and insurers, affirming that Thatcham-approved products are synonymous with superior vehicle protection.

We offer Thatcham S7 ( lower value vehicles ) and Thatcham S5 ADR trackers ( for higher value vehicles )

Installer Network

We have a network of nationwide installers and this allows dealers to fit our Eco Trak products. If you require a dealer in your area simply message us and we will forward the contact details so you can book an installation directly with the engineer.

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Trade Account

Are you an Auto Electrician or security installer? Looking to install Eco Trak products and enhance your profits look no further! we can offer a full online Trade account meaning you can buy online by credit or debit card and your order will be dispatched by our warehouse team.

Eco Trak are the most advanced company in the GPS tracking market. While other companies are using outdated 2G tracking tech, we lead the way with our advanced 4G ultra fast products.

  • Ultra fast commisioning.
  • Designed and tested by long term industry engineers.
  • Excellent profit
  • Recurring income
  • Focused on customer care

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